Common Questions

Hows does therapy work? What am I supposed to do?

Therapy works by coming open and engaged in the process. Therapy is most effective when clients are honest about their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Please expect to discuss current events that are happening in your life, your personal history, any previous therapy, and any dreams or other content that you feel is relevant to your issue. Most clients think of therapy sessions with me as 50 minutes of reflection and insight-oriented time regarding any issues that may be troubling them.

How long does therapy usually last?

This is one of the most common questions and also one of the most difficult to answer due to the unique nature of each client. Some therapy is very short-term (e.g., 5-10 sessions) while other therapy can last much longer. The length of therapy may reflect the severity of the issue(s) or the client’s desire for personal growth and development. Nevertheless, I typically schedule weekly or biweekly sessions in order to establish a strong working rapport and assist you in achieving your goals in the most timely manner.

What can I expect to get out of therapy?

I entered the field of psychotherapy because I have experienced, first-hand, its profound ability to change an individual’s life. Therapy can provide you with an improved relationship with yourself and others. It can assist you in developing your sense of identity and provide guidance when you feel lost. If you are honest and engaged in the therapeutic process, you can expect to gain new insights and witness fundamental shifts in how you relate to yourself and the world.

What do I need to do for our first session?

Ryan will provide you, via email, with a link that will set you up with his online documentation/billing system. Please fill out all the forms prior to the session so that we can have the full 50 minutes to get to know one another. Besides that, show up to your appointment willing to talk and discuss YOU!